PGL Arlington Major 2022: vs Team Spirit

Dota 2 / Coverage / 7 August 2022 — 12:00

In the group stage of the PGL Arlington Major 2022, NAVI players have only one match to play against and it is against Team Spirit. The start of the match is scheduled for 19:00 CEST, the format is best of 2.

The result of the upcoming match is very important for our team. So, at this stage, NAVI might not only fall to the bottom bracket of the playoffs but also get eliminated from the championship in the group stage.

And Team Spirit players will not play carelessly, as the team is in danger of falling into the bottom bracket. This only suggests that today's match will be very difficult.

Tune into the live stream and support the NAVI players! Our guys really need the support of the fans! #ObsessedWe.

PGL Arlington Major 2022
Dota 2
4 August 2022 - 7 August 2022
United States