Pinnacle: 25 Year Anniversary Show: NAVI vs. Team Falcons

Dota 2 / Coverage / 22 November 2023 — 12:00

NAVI will play against Team Falcons in the second match of Pinnacle: 25 Year Anniversary Show. The match will start at 14:00 CEST, format - best of 3.

The opponent's roster was assembled before the start of this season: it is an intriguing mix of highly skilled players. Sneyking, Cr1t-, ATF, Malr1ne and skiter are well-known to the fans.

Despite the fact that at the moment Team Falcons has only successfully passed the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 qualification, the team is still a tough opponent.

NAVI players need the support of the fans! Come and support the team at the official broadcast!

Pinnacle: 25 Year Anniversary Show
Dota 2
20 November 2023 - 3 December 2023