European Pro League Season 17: against MarsBet Team

Dota 2 Junior / Coverage / 18 April 2024 — 12:00

Today at 14:00 CET NAVI Junior players are going to start playing in the playoffs of the European Pro League Season 17. Our opponent is MarsBet Team, who came fourth in Group B.

Remember that the juniors are approaching the playoff stage in high spirits. NAVI Junior players not only finished the group stage in first place, but also did not lose a single map in all matches.

Therefore, we can be sure that our team is eager to continue their winning streak and enter the main stage of the championship. However, it will be more difficult, because each of our opponents is very strong and understands the importance of the upcoming matches.

The roster of the MarsBet Team is a curious mix of players who are familiar to the fans. The most famous of the five is LeBronDota, who once represented the colors of NAVI.

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European Pro League Season 17
Dota 2 Junior
6 April 2024 - 21 April 2024