Three NAVI Junior players are in the top 100 of the leaderboard

Dota 2 Junior / News / 31 January 2024 — 17:00

The solo leaderboard is one of the most important indicators of individual skill in Dota 2. Absolutely every player is trying to climb as high as possible in the regional ladder and is making every effort to do so.

Members of the NAVI Junior squad also try to improve their skills by playing solo matches in their free time between training and official matches. So it is not surprising that two of the team's players are in the top 50!

Yuri "pma" Prots, the offlaner, is the highest-ranked NAVI Junior player, at 40th place. Close behind is the midlaner Artem "Niku" Bachkur, who is 44th

Taras "gotthejuice" Linnikov, the carry, is ranked 69th, and the support player Tamir "daze" Tokpanov is ranked 112th. NAVI Junior's second support player, Stanislav "Riddys" Mitroshkyn is in 192nd place.

Each member of the junior team shows a good level of play, which can be judged not only by the leaderboard but also by recent NAVI Junior games.

Recall that the team's next game will be on February 2nd at 17:00 CET as part of European Pro League Season 16. Come and support the team!