RES Regional Series: EU #3: vs. NextUp

Dota 2 Junior / Coverage / 11 July 2024 — 12:00

Today at 16:00 CET the fourth match of NAVI Junior in the group stage of RES Regional Series: EU #3 will take place. Our team will face NextUp in a best-of-2 match.

NAVI Junior are in the second half of the group standings after three game days. In their first match they lost to Team Tea, and yesterday they played One Move and Dragon Esports Club to a draw.

NextUp is in a similar situation: the team has also suffered a defeat against Team Tea and a draw against Dragon Esports Club and One Move. The result of the upcoming match will be very important, as it will determine to a large extent the final position of the teams in the group standings

The match is sure to be very exciting and definitely interesting to watch! Join the broadcast and support the NAVI Junior players!

RES Regional Series: EU #3
Dota 2 Junior
8 July 2024 - 21 July 2024