EPL S17: For the playoffs vs Spirit

CS:GO / Coverage / 18 March 2023 — 12:10

Born to Win has made it to the playoffs. The meeting against Spirit will begin at 16:00, the format is best of 3.

NAVI continues their run in the lower bracket against Rare Atom. The Chinese team fared well on Inferno and extended their winning streak to 12 games (17:19) on that map. In spite of everything, our team easily took control of the next game as well: 16 : 4 Nuke, 16 : 7 Overpass.

Spirit has already found its game in this tournament. In the first round the team defeated Astralis, who is currently struggling in the Last Chance Stage (2 : 0). They failed to defeat the team forze, which unexpectedly became the favorite of the group (1 : 2). Spirit made up for their loss against Liquid, which is still in the top 3 in the HLTV ranking (2 : 0).

The last time the teams met in the group stage of last season's ESL Pro League, back then Born to Win was stronger (2 : 0).

Support NAVI in this important match! #ObsessedWe

ESL Pro League Season 17
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
16 January 2023 - 3 April 2023