ESL Impact League Season 4: European Division Details

CS2 Female / Coverage / 6 September 2023 — 19:00

The European Division of the ESL Impact League Season 4 will start for NAVI Javelins on September 13th. Our team will compete for a place in the LAN Finals with a prize pool of $123,000, which will be held in Valencia.

After the draw, the Javelins were placed in Group B, where they will play against 9 Pandas Fearless, G2 Oya, Guild Esports, Let Her Cook, and shinigami. After five matches, the top team in the group will advance to the LAN Tournament, while the runner-up will compete in the play-off for the final spot.

As a reminder, NAVI Javelins won the silver medal in the last season of the ESL Impact League in Dallas. The team took home $25,000.

We believe that this time our team will be able to improve the result! #ObsessedWe

Team Matches Score R/D
NAVI Javelins 0 0 0
9 Pandas Fearless 0 0 0
G2 Oya 0 0 0
Guild Esports 0 0 0
shinigami Let Her Cook 0 0 0
shinigami shinigami 0 0 0