ESL Impact League Season 4: vs. G2 Oya

CS2 Female / News / 21 September 2023 — 16:00

NAVI Javelins will play their second match in the European Division of the ESL Impact League Season 4 against G2 Oya. The match is scheduled to start at 19:30, the format is best of 3.

The debut matches in these competitions were easy for both teams: Javelins defeated Guild Esports on two maps (16:4 Inferno, 16:1 Ancient), and G2 Oya defeated Let Her Cook on the same maps (16:14 Ancient, 16:7 Inferno).

In the last season of ESL Impact, today's opponent didn't have much of a chance to reach the LAN stage, as they finished the competition with a 2-3 record. However, G2 Oya was the only team in that tournament to win at least one map against NAVI Javelins in a head-to-head match (16-7 Mirage, 14-16 Nuke, 16-9 Inferno).

To recap, the Javelins were seeded into Group B, where they will face 9 Pandas Fearless, G2 Oya, Guild Esports, Let Her Cook, and Shinigami. After five games, the group leader will advance to the LAN tournament, and the runner-up will play a head-to-head match for the final spot.

ESL Impact League Season 4
CS2 Female
8 December 2023 - 10 December 2023
Valencia, Spain