ESL Impact League Season 4: vs. Guild X

CS2 Female / Coverage / 14 September 2023 — 19:27

NAVI Javelins will make their debut in the European division of ESL Impact League Season 4 today. The match against Guild Esports is scheduled to start at 19:30 and the format is best of 3.

Last season Javelins easily made it through the regional stage and went to the LAN stage in Dallas, where they took second place and earned $ 25 000. After this tournament, our team proved its competitiveness twice more, taking first place at ESL Impact EU Summer Cash Cup #3 and ESL Impact Cash Cup #5.

Guild X were not so successful in ESL Impact League Season 3. The team only placed 7th-8th in the European division and earned $ 1 000. NAVI Javelins and Guild X met at that tournament: then our team left no chance to the opponent (16 : 5 Mirage, 16 : 4 Ancient).

Recall that according to the results of the draw Javelins got into Group B, where they will alternately play against 9 Pandas Fearless, G2 Oya, Guild Esports, Let Her Cook and shinigami. After five matches, the group stage leader will advance to the LAN tournament, while the second place team will face off in a tiebreaker match for the last slot.

ESL Impact League Season 4: European Division
CS2 Female
13 September 2023 - 29 October 2023