ESL Impact League S2: vs. BIG EQUIPA

CS:GO Female / Coverage / 23 September 2022 — 15:29

NAVI Javelins continue their journey in the second season of the ESL Impact League. The match against BIG EQUIPA starts at 19:30 and will be held in the best-of-3 format.

The NAVI CS:GO female team had a successful start to the tournament, beating MostValuablePlayers (2 : 0) and Astralis Female (2 : 1). BIG EQUIPA also hasn't lost a single match so far, defeating MostValuablePlayers and Astralis Female 2 : 0.

Recall, earlier NAVI Javelins won the World Esports Championships 2022:European Qualifiers. The tournament will be held December 6th-8th in Bali.

Cheer on the Javelins as they face their main rival in the fight for the first place in the group! #ObsessedWe

ESL Impact League Season 2: European Division
CS:GO Female
8 September 2022 - 24 October 2022