Changes in the NAVI Halo Infinite team

Halo / News / 30 January 2023 — 17:00

Before the start of the new Halo Infinite competitive season, there are changes in the NAVI team: Robert "Kimbo" Earl El-Zein Folk will be replaced by Michael "Snipedrone" Juchau.

Snipedrone made a name for himself on the pro scene back in the days of Halo 2: Anniversary in 2014. In Halo Infinite, the player's only team was Acend, in which he played for more than a year. Michael's main achievements are victories at HCS 2022: Europe Super and HCS 2022: Europe Regional Championship. Quite notably, in one of these finals, Snipedrone defeated NAVI.

Today we in turn say our goodbyes to Kimbo, who has played for the club since the formation of the roster. We thank Robert for his professionalism and great matches as part of NAVI, and we wish him good luck for the next season.

Together with Kimbo, NAVI played at Majors three times (the best result was 7–8th place), and also consistently entered the top three in small weekly tournaments.

NAVI Halo Infinite Roster:

gb James "Jimbo" Bradbrook
nl Liam "MIghty" Boerboom
gb Arkel "Snakey" Brown
gb Michael "Snipedrone" Juchau

gb Harry "Wonderboy" Channon (coach)
ua Mykhailo "M1ke" Palamar (manager)