Cheer for Spirit at IEM Katowice 2024. Day 2

SC2 / Coverage / 9 February 2024 — 14:20

Piotr «Spirit» Walukiewicz continues his performance at the IEM Katowice 2024 StarCraft II contest. He is looking at some key matchups on the second day of the group stage - against GuMiho (Cloud9) and trigger (BASILISK). In many ways, these fights will determine NAVI player's chances of making it to the playoffs. The start is at 13:30 CET!

Date and Time Match Details
13:30 CET plNAVI.Spirit [0:2] krCloud9.GuMiHo Match Page
14:30 CET plNAVI.Spirit [1:2] caBASILISK.trigger Match Page

The first day of the tournament brought Spirit two painful defeats. First, Piotr lost to Scarlett 1:2, and then, in a TvT confrontation, he failed to overcome HeRoMaRinE with a similar result.

Player Race Matches Maps
deMOUZ HeRoMaRinE Зерг 4-0 8-1
krCloud9 GuMiho Терран 2-1 4-3
krVitality Solar Зерг 2-1 3-3
caShopify Scarlett Терран 2-2 5-5
caBASILISK trigger Зерг 1-3 3-7
plNAVI Spirit Протосс 0-4 3-8

Spirit's upcoming opponents, GuMiho and trigger, also failed to show their best game on the first competition day, ending up at the bottom of the standings.

Last year, Spirit and trigger faced each other eight times, with the advantage on the side of NAVI player: he won in seven series (with a total map score of 15–7). Piotr played against GuMiHo only once - as part of the December WardiTV Christmas Invitational 6 tournament, where he lost with a 1:2 score.

We hope that today, Spirit will recover from a not-very-successful start and take two victories. Tune in to the broadcast!