NAVI Javelins — ESL Impact Cash Cup champions

CS2 Female / Coverage / 4 February 2024 — 20:50

The Javelins start the season with a tournament win. This time the girls won the ESL Impact Cash Cup: Europe - Winter 2024 #3 and earned $ 750.

In the opening match our team played against mix bye, which they left no chance. The second meeting was held in the best of 1 format against hqdfxns, where the girls managed to calmly outplay their opponent (13 : 6 Anubis). In the semifinals, the Javelinas faced ENCE Athena and annihilated their opponent on two maps (13 : 3 Vertigo, 13 : 1 Ancient). After such results on the way to the final, our team easily finished things off in this tournament against VIOLET (2 : 0).

The next important tournament for NAVI Javelins will be the European division of ESL Impact League Season 5, where the girls will compete for two tickets to Dallas for the main stage of the $ 123 000 tournament.

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ESL Impact Cash Cup: Europe - Winter 2024 #3
CS2 Female
3 February 2024 - 4 February 2024
$ 1,000