NAVI Javelins found out their opponents at ESL Impact S5: EU Division

CS2 Female / News / 29 February 2024 — 18:00

In 6 days the NAVI Javelins team will start playing in the European division of the fifth season of ESL Impact League. Our players will fight for the right to play at the LAN-finals with a prize fund of $ 123 000, which will be held in the city of Dallas.

After the draw "Javelins" got into Group B, where it will face such opponents as Fearless Cheetahs, 1WIN Gang, Gamer Legion Prism, Angels and Team Spirit. After five matches in the group stage, the winner of the group will go directly to the LAN tournament, while the second team will fight in the knockout match for the last quota.

Not to forget, the NAVI Javelins won silver medals last ESL Impact League season in Valencia, earning $ 25 000 for their success, and the girls have also gone undefeated in their division for 4 seasons.

Team Matches Score R/D
NAVI Javelins 0 0 0
shinigami Fearless Cheetahs 0 0 0
1WIN Gang 0 0 0
Gamer Legion Prism 0 0 0
shinigami Angels 0 0 0
shinigami Spirit fe 0 0 0