NAVI launches a VALORANT league supported by Logitech G

NAVI / News / 15 September 2023 — 17:59

Today NAVI supported by Logitech G launches another project that will develop our community –– NAVINATION VALORANT League.

NVL will take place in our Discord, in a format designed for solo gamers: in bo1 matches 5x5 you can play only solo, seeding depends on your actual rank in VALORANT, and you can increase your rank only by winning.

The competition region is Europe, all matches will be played on the Frankfurt server but can be changed if both teams agree. In accordance with the rules of the competition, the language of communication between all participants is English only.

The top six players in the NVL standings will receive gifts from NAVI and new Logitech G devices:

Placement Prizes
1 Keyboard Logitech G PRO x TKL, Logitech G PRO x 2 Lightspeed Headset, Logitech G PRO x Superlight 2 mouse
2 2 Logitech G devices of the winner's choice
3 1 Logitech G device of the winner's choice
4 NAVI X PUMA 2023 Pro Kit Replica Jersey
5 Logitech G x NAVI mouse pad
6 Logitech G x NAVI mouse pad

Visit #NAVINATION Discord for more detailed instructions, join NVL by Logitech G, compete, and get better every day! #ObsessedWe