Introducing new NAVI performance coach

CS2 / News / 18 October 2023 — 15:00

Urszula «Xirreth» Klimczak has joined NAVI as a performance coach for our Counter-Strike and VALORANT rosters. She previously worked with ENCE for over a year: first in a similar role, and then as the Head of Player Development.

During her tenure, the Finnish club's European Counter-Strike roster rose to second place in the ratings, performed in several grand finals of major tournaments, and won gold at IEM Dallas.

Xirreth will begin working with NAVI Counter-Strike roster at the Barcelona bootcamp during preparation for the BLAST Premier: Fall Final 2023.

Urszula «Xirreth» Klimczak — NAVI performance coach:

«I am thrilled to join NAVI as their performance coach. Working for almost 10 years in the sports and esports environment taught me that athletes are only able to perform up to their expectations if they are all looking in the same direction. To be able to do that in a team setting everyone needs to learn what it means to trust other people and to sacrifice a bit of themselves to achieve the common goal.

As a NAVI performance coach my goal is to transform the teams I am going to supervise into cohesive, high-achieving units that consistently surpass their own, as well as everybody else’s, expectations.

Sometimes the athletes have all that it takes to be the best, yet they are still struggling. Thus, I am planning to support every individual in achieving professional growth as well as to bring some fun into their daily hard work».

Amiran «ami» Rekhviashvili — NAVI Head of Esports:

«We are excited to welcome Urszula to NAVI. I am glad a specialist of her caliber has joined us, as her success speaks for itself. I know that together we will take our teams to new heights.

Urszula will be working with our main CS2 and Valorant rosters. She is about to join the CS2 team at the Barcelona bootcamp and help them prepare for the BLAST Fall Finals and BLAST World Final 2023».