NAVI Player Statistics at the PGL Major Copenhagen

CS2 / Coverage / 3 April 2024 — 17:15

After our team's triumph at the PGL Major Copenhagen, we would like to highlight each of our players and pay tribute to their contribution to the club's victory at the first Major in CS2.

Justynas "jL" Lekavicius


The first to be mentioned is jL. The Lithuanian not only gave us a lot of highlights that we will be able to revisit years from now, but he also distinguished himself with incredible stability in the tournament. Justynas only played one match against Cloud9 and his overall rating for the tournament was 1.22. You can read more about jL's accomplishments here.

Igor "w0nderful" Zhdanov


w0nderful became one of the leaders of Born to Win, finishing the tournament with a rating of 1.11. Igor also gave us many memorable moments and was the main factor in the quarterfinal victory over Eternal Fire, where he earned a rating of 1.39.

Valerii "b1t" Vakhovskyi


b1t had a good tournament. The Ukrainian was always in the most important positions and always made the necessary frags in the decisive moments. Valerii's rating for the tournament was 1.07, but it is impossible not to talk about the final Inferno against FaZe (2.16), where he simply destroyed his opponent and ended the PGL Major Copenhagen on a positive note.

Valerii became the first player from our region to make it to the podium of a major tournament twice. Another unique achievement is that b1t's stickers made it to the Champion's Capsule twice (2021 and 2024).

Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen


Aleksib's rating at the end of the tournament was a modest 0.88, but the NAVI captain made our team's triumph a reality: in the final against FaZe, the Finn played his best match of the tournament, and at the victorious Ancient he was one of the team's rating leaders (1.48).

Mihai "iM" Ivan


Despite the fact that iM played his most unstable tournament since joining NAVI, our team managed to get a result. The Romanian received a lot of criticism for his performance in the Elimination Stage, but during the playoffs we saw a completely different Mihai. iM stepped up at the right moment: he finished the decisive Ancient vs. G2 with a rating of 1.29 and helped the team reach the final of the PGL Major Copenhagen.

By winning the PGL Major Copenhagen, Aleksib, iM, and jL became the first representatives from Finland, Romania, and Lithuania to win a major tournament.

We would like to congratulate all of our players and wish that they do not lower their expectations!