NAVI is now a part of VALORANT EMEA Partnership Program!

VALORANT / News / 21 September 2022 — 17:00

Today begins a new chapter in NAVI history as our esports club has become a member of the VALORANT Partnership Program for the EMEA region. We were chosen from multiple other candidates vying to join the franchise league.

VALORANT is a tier-1 discipline with immense potential and a clear developmental direction, which has already elevated it to worldwide popularity. We will be delighted to represent our home region of Eastern Europe in the 2023 League and use our years of experience to promote the discipline across the media landscape.

Follow NAVI news and show your support for our VALORANT rosters during tournaments. Like yesterday, when Celestials made it to the VCT Game Changers EMEA playoffs with a 5-1 record, advancing them to play in the championship on September 26th.

By the way, don't forget about our ROAD TO NAVI VALORANT project for young and talented players from Europe and Ukraine, the best of whom will earn a chance to get on the main NAVI roster in the future. For more details - go to the link. #ObsessedWe