DPC 2023: NAVI Junior in tiebreakers

Dota 2 Junior / Coverage / 28 June 2023 — 12:00

At the end of the third round of the Dota Pro Circuit 2023 Division 2 NAVI Junior shared fourth place in the standings with two other teams. Today tiebreakers will determine the final table of the tournament and the amount of prize money won by each team..

28 червня, 13:00 NAVI Junior [0 : 1] Money Makers
28 червня, 14:00 NAVI Junior [0 : 1] StoRm

The opponents for the juniors are teams MoneyMakers and StoRm. Our team lost to MoneyMakers in the regular season in a very tight match with a score of 1 : 2, but without any problems outplayed StoRm — 2 : 0.

However, in the tiebreakers, all matches will be best of 1, hence any result is possible. If all teams finish with the same result, then the second round of tiebreakers will be held.

For this reason, be sure to join the start of the live broadcast and support NAVI Junior players!

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