First match at WePlay Academy League Season 4

CS:GO Junior / Coverage / 2 months ago

The first opponent of NAVI Junior at WePlay Academy League Season 4 will be FURIA Academy. The match will start at 18:20 CEST and will be played in best of 1 format.

In the third season of the WePlay, FURIA Academy shared last place with team Fnatic Rising, finishing the group stage with 1 win and 7 losses, and in the Play-In stage, they lost in the first round of the competition. Since then the Brazilian roster has not seen drastic changes. HPS has left the team and was replaced by koala.

Between league seasons the youth squad of FURIA played in several local tournaments in South America but, alas, without great results.

This will be the first encounter between the renewed NAVI Junior and FURIA Academy. We look forward to seeing everyone on stream to support the young Born to Win squad in their debut match! #ObsessedWe

WePlay Academy League Season 4
CS:GO Junior
24 May 2022 - 14 June 2022