New NAVI PUBG roster

PUBG / News / 21 December 2023 — 16:00

Following an unsuccessful season, NAVI PUBG has changed the roster: Alexander "Alya" Pirogov, Artyom "xmpl" Adarkin, and Konstantin "Mell" Levkin have all left the team.

They joined our team in 2021, leading Born to Win to its greatest accomplishment, winning PUBG Global Championship 2022. We would like to thank them for their time in NAVI and wish them all the best of luck in the future!

The updated PUBG roster includes four Ukrainian players - Anton «Feyerist» Dutchak, Vladyslav «DIFX» Nevykhozhyi, Vitalii «Hakatory» Shaida, and Serhiy «SoseD» Zubkov.

DIFX was a member of The Woo, a team of former Team Liquid players. In 2023, they competed in two PUBG EMEA Championship tournaments, finishing in the top 11 both times.

Hakatory made a name for himself at the last PUBG EMEA Championship: Fall. After making it through the European qualifiers, his team finished second in their group and then made it to the top five in the knockout stage.

SoseD's last team was We Live Again; they finished 10th in the PUBG EMEA Championship: Fall. SoseD was also chosen as a stand-in for NAVI at the PUBG Global Championship 2022 in Dubai.

Stay tuned to see how the NAVI PUBG Roster progresses in the new season!

NAVI PUBG roster:

ua Anton «Feyerist» Dutchak
ua Vladyslav «DIFX» Nevykhozhyi
ua Vitalii «Hakatory» Shaida
ua Serhii «SoseD» Zubkov

ua Vadym «ALREIN» Lovin (coach)
ua Vlad «TheVs» Moroz (manager)