European League 2022: vs. Outsiders

R6 / News / 24 October 2022 — 12:00

In the penultimate round of the third stage of the European League 2022, NAVI will face Outsiders. The start of the match is scheduled for 18:00, the format is best of 1.

Today's rivals are neighbors in the standings, being in its second half. But at the same time, both teams retain their chances of getting into the Major tournament.

After the upcoming match-up, one of the teams will significantly improve their position. And this means that the fans should expect an extremely interesting match, where both teams will try their best to win.

We believe NAVI players will do everything possible to achieve a positive result! Turn on the broadcast and support Natus Vincere! #ObsessedWe

European League 2022
Rainbow Six
20 June 2022 - 1 August 2022