T3b — about the new map in Rainbow Six Siege

R6 / News / 20 November 2022 — 12:00

Ubisoft has presented a new map in Rainbow Six Siege called Nighthaven Labs. NAVI player Edoardo «T3b» Treglia shared his opinion about the new map.

Edoardo «T3b» Treglia:

«The map seems very small, I think people will be playing with an aggressive playstyle so we can expect a lot of spawn peeks and in general a lot of shooting, like on Coastline for example.

From what I've seen I really doubt we will see it in the competitive scene but I would like to play it before, I'm really excited to play it because I think at least in the ranked scene it will be appreciated.»

The Nighthaven Labs map will become available on November 21st, immediately after the release of Operation Solar Raid. The developers of the game promise a lot of innovations, including an operator, cross-play, a reworking of the rating system, and much more. #ObsessedWe