New NAVI Rainbow Six Siege Roster

R6 / News / 4 September 2022 — 19:00

After an unsuccessful performance in the first two stages of the European League 2022, the NAVI esports club has updated the Rainbow Six Siege team. Pedro "Thuunder" Muniz and Byron "Blurr" Murray have left the team and are replaced by Jake "Leadr" Fortunato and Edoardo "T3b" Treglia.

Leadr is one of the most prominent young stars of the British scene. Before NAVI, Jake played for TENSTAR for more than a year. His biggest achievement is winning the UK & Ireland Nationals Rainbow Rumble 2021 with a £25,000 prize pool.

As for T3b, his last professional team was MACKO Esports, with whom he qualified for the PG Nationals Winter 2022 tournament in July. However, Edoardo is best known for his success in the FACEIT Pro League. He has been named the best player in the ranking season several times (most recently in March).

Tomorrow, the new NAVI Rainbow Six Siege roster will gather at the bootcamp, where they will prepare for the third stage of the European League 2022. Matches will start in mid-September. Don't miss it!

Rainbow Six Siege NAVI team:

gb Nathan "Nathan" Sharp
gb Jordan "Kayak" Morley
gb Jamie "Skiddy" Diamond
gb Jake "Leadr" Fortunato
it Edoardo "T3b" Treglia

es Alonso "Alo" Díez (coach)