Shao and suygetsu answer fan questions

VALORANT / News / 13 November 2022 — 12:00

NAVI Valorant players Andriy «Shao» Kiprsky and Dmytro «suygetsu» Ilyushin are answering questions from the fans on Twitter. Here are the most interesting answers from the players.

– Shao, what do you think about Fadeʼs changes? Suygetsu, what do you think of Cypher's buffs?

Shao: First they change Sova, now Fade... It's time to switch to smoker.

Suygetsu: I wouldn't call it a buff. I think Cypher will be the same as before. The future will tell.

– Shao, would you rather grind from Iron to Radiant playing only Sova or Fade?

Shao: That's a tough question. I would make two accounts and try both :)

– Do you change your game style as a team?

Shao: Meta keeps changing, so yes, we're constantly adapting to all the changes that happen in the game.

– If you were only allowed to play with one agent for the rest of your life, who would you choose?

Suygetsu: That agent doesn't exist in the game yet.

– How does cNed integrate into the team?

Shao: Great. We finally have a«cNeD, kill» strategy.

– What are your goals for next year?

Shao: Exactly the same as last year - to be the champions!

Shaoandsuygetsucontinue to answer the questionsonTwitter. Hurry up and ask your question!#ObsessedWe