VCT 2023: EMEA League: against the Giants

VALORANT / News / 25 May 2023 — 15:42

After a disappointing start to the playoffs, Born to Win will continue to compete in the lower bracket. The start of the best-of-3 matches against the Giants is scheduled for 20:00.

After a successful group stage, our team came up short against Liquid (0 : 2) in the semi-finals of the upper bracket. NAVI controlled the game on the first map but lost the comeback potential while on the offensive side (Bind 11 : 13), and then in a tense struggle failed to use their peak (Split 10 : 13). This setback made the journey to VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo much more difficult, as Born to Win now have no margin for error.

Giants finished the regular season in fourth place with a 5-4 stat. The team made it to the playoffs without any problems but lost to FUT Esports (0 : 2) in the first game and fell to the bottom bracket.

Winning today's match is a must as it will allow our team to qualify for the VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo. Support the boys! #ObsessedWe

VCT 2023: EMEA League
27 March 2023 - 28 May 2023
Berlin, Germany