WePlay Academy League Season 5: Second match against MOUZ NXT

CS2 Junior / Coverage / 5 August 2022 — 15:10

In the tenth match, NAVI Junior will face MOUZ NXT for the second time. The match starts at 16:00 CEST, the format is best of 1.

The teams have already met in the current tournament and NAVI Junior managed to defeat the opponent on Mirage (16 : 13). Noticeable, the Polish squad plays very unstable in the current tournament - after eleven rounds the team has only five victories.

NAVI Junior, in turn, smoothly finished their last match on Mirage (16 : 6) against the outsiders of the tournament - Eternal Fire Academy. After nine matches played, the situation for our team is going well, the boys have six victories against the rivals aimed to get into the Gauntlet stage. But NAVI Junior still has three important matches remaining. With the successful outcome of the first two fights, the last round against Fnatic Rising can be decisive, hence it is important to show a good game against MOUZ NXT today.

Cheer for NAVI Junior in the final rounds of the WePlay Academy League! #ObsessedWe

WePlay Academy League Season 5
CS2 Junior
25 July 2022 - 13 August 2022