WePlay Academy League Season 5: vs Eternal Fire Academy

CS2 Junior / Coverage / 4 August 2022 — 15:30

In the ninth match, NAVI Junior will face Eternal Fire Academy. The match is scheduled for 16:00 CEST, the format is best of 1.

Note that the teams haven't met at this tournament yet and in the last season of WePlay Academy League the teams were in different groups. In fact, the Turkish team played their worst game at the tournament and finished in last place of their group with the 0-12 defeat. The team is doing terribly, with only two victories against MOUZ NXT and 00 Prospects after eight matches.

NAVI Junior failed to defeat Fnatic Rising in their recent match. The European mix showed great performance and beat the Ukrainians with their sixth in a row defeat on Inferno (12:16). The youngsters from the Swedish organization are running on a 5-1 statistic and have become one of the favorites of the competition.

The situation in Group A is especially interesting. So far, four out of seven teams have the same number of points before the end of the rounds. Every team has a chance not only to reach the Gauntlet, but also to make it straight to the playoffs, as the top-seeded Astralis Talent only have a one-victory advantage in the standings.

Every match could be crucial for NAVI Junior, send your support to our guys! #ObsessedWe

WePlay Academy League Season 5
CS2 Junior
25 July 2022 - 13 August 2022