WePlay Academy 5: against Fnatic Rising

CS2 Junior / Coverage / 7 August 2022 — 15:25

In the final match of Group A, NAVI Junior will face Fnatic Rising. The match starts at 17:15 CEST, format — best of 1 series.

In Group А, the pressure is high with 3 teams out of 7 scoring 21 points. All 3 teams are fighting for a direct spot in the playoffs. This race is getting led by Fnatic Rising: the team has one more match to play, which is scheduled for today.

After eleven rounds, NAVI Junior has secured themselves a spot in the Gauntlet Stage, but the team still has a sliver of a chance to go straight to the playoffs. For this to happen, the team has to take the victory in today’s match and wait for the results of Fnatic Rising and Astralis Talent. If these teams lose their matches, and NAVI Junior takes the victory over Fnatic Rising, our team secures the spot in the playoffs.

Recall that in this tournament, NAVI Junior had already faced Fnatic Rising. The European mix has outplayed our team on Inferno with 16 : 12 score which was the 6th consecutive defeat on this map.

We hope that NAVI Junior will take victory in the last match of Group A! #ObsessedWe

WePlay Academy League Season 5
CS2 Junior
25 July 2022 - 13 August 2022