IEM Katowice 2020: defeat vs fnatic

25 Feb 2020 318
The game starts at 19:00 CET

In the second round of IEM Katowice, ua NAVI will meet with se fnatic. The match will begin on February 25th at 19:00 CET and will be held in the best of 3 format.

Both teams successfully started their performance in Katowice: ua NAVI beat eu FaZe Clan (2: 1), and se fnatic players were stronger than au Renegades (2: 0). Note that for the Swedes it was the first official match in 2020. The last time ua NAVI and se fnatic's paths crossed at the ESL Pro League S10 Finals, and then the victory went to the Swedish team (2: 1).

In yesterday's match against the Australians, se fnatic banned Nuke and Train and picked Inferno. The Swedes have the best results in the last three months on Overpass (4 wins, 0 losses) and Vertigo (3 wins, 0 losses). We hope that ua NAVI will be well prepared and will advance to the upper bracket finals of group A! #navination

IEM Katowice 2020 (BO3)
February 25 at 19: 00 CET
Natus Vincere
  • s1mple
  • electroNic
  • Boombl4
  • flamie
  • Perfecto
  • JW
  • Brollan
  • flusha
  • Golden

Dust2 — Natus Vincere [7:16] fnatic

The pistol round went for ua NAVI, the Swedish players responded by winning the force buy. Then there was a exchange of rounds between the teams, which allowed the opponent to take the lead  5 : 2.

Despite problems with finances, in the ninth draw ua NAVI successfully took A-plant and won the eco. This outcome allowed our five to seriously reduce the difference in the score 5 : 6. At the end of the first half of the meeting, se fnatic players had no missteps and won with a score of 10 : 5.

The start of the second part of Dust2 was retained by se fnatic: the Swedes won the pistol round, force buy and eco. The purchase round, T side carried out a B-Plant attack, which was handled quite easily by ru Perfecto and ru flamie. This failure forced se fnatic to make one eco. 

After the loss in the twenty-first draw, one of the last chances of our team to catch-up in the game was the twenty-second round, otherwise, the game and economic advantage for se fnatic was becoming too significant. Unfortunately, the Born to Win could not cope with this task. The final result 16 : 7.

Natus Vincere
Players Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 15-17 -2 80.8 1.07
flamie 12-17 -5 58.3 0.73
Perfecto 11-18 -7 61.9 0.70
Boombl4 10-18 -8 57.9 0.66
electronic 11-20 -9 63.0 0.61

Inferno — Natus Vincere [16:14] fnatic

The pistol round and eco went to the se fnatic. The buy round Swedes attacked A-Plant: our players were not quite ready for it and lost the round. After making 4 kills, ua s1mple earned our team the first point (1 : 4).

Although the guys had to give up the round in return, they successfully saved three rifles. The Born to Win took a timeout. The short discussion was fruitful: the guys played aggressively on "banana" and finished the round without losses.

Then the game was held, as it is called, on the counter courses: none of the teams wanted to give points without a fight. And the winners of this race were our guys! At the end of the first half of the encounter ua NAVI earned one point and lost it with the score 7 : 8.

The second pistol ended in favor of ua Natus Vincere, the Swedish Five were stronger in force buy.  se Fnatic coped with the economic rounds of terrorists without any problems, and only one player died in the buy round. Perhaps one of the key moments of the second map was the triumph of the Born to Win in the eco-round: ru Boombl4 and ru Perfectopulled clutch 2 vs 3.

Before the 24th round, ua NAVI took advantage of their right for a tactical pause. ua Natus Vincere players attacked B-Plant, resulting in an eleventh point. Subsequently, our team managed to temporarily level the score - 13 : 13. As a result, the Born to Win got the match point and executed it - 16:14.

Natus Vincere
Players Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 30-16 +14 98.4 1.53
Boombl4 22-20 +2 76.2 1.13
electronic 20-21 -1 75.0 1.03
flamie 16-17 -1 53.0 0.91
Perfecto 10-18 -8 52.7 0.72


The starting section of Mirage was left to se fnatic: the Swedish team won the pistol round, force buy and eco. After winning the buy round, ru electronic took the most important clutch 1 vs 2 for the team. 

When the financial situation of the T stabilized, there was an exchange of rounds between the teams. In the eleventh draw, the terrorists seized the center of the map and tried to pinch point B, but unsuccessfully. The opponent never managed to get a lot of points in the attack and lost the first half with the score 5 : 10.

In order to increase the chances of the comeback for the defending side, se fnatic wanted to win either the pistol round or force buy. The opponent coped with this task by winning the pistol. The gun round, in which se KRIMZ made four frags, went into the Swedish Five's asset.

After the failure in the twentieth round, se fnatic tied the score - 10 : 10. Before the twenty-second round, the Born To Win took a time-out. Later ua NAVI was close to earn the first point in the attack, but made a mistake and did not have time to set the bomb. At the end of the game, ua NAVI improved their position, but nothing more. As a result, se fnatic defeated ua Natus Vincere on Mirage - 16 : 12.

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 25-20 +5 87.4 1.24
Boombl4 19-18 +1 75.9 1.11
Perfecto 16-16 0 59.5 0.98
electronic 17-20 -3 66.5 0.92
flamie 13-18 -5 65.2 0.86

The total statistics of the match

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 70-53 +17 89.6 1.29
Boombl4 51-56 -5 70.9 0.99
electronic 48-61 -13 68.6 0.87
flamie 41-52 -11 58.7 0.83
Perfecto 37-52 -15 57.6 0.80

The participants

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