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LeBron: "I made my dream come true to join NAVI.GG.BET"

06 Feb 2018 4668
Interview with LeBron!

The fifth player of ua NAVI.GG.BET squad is rs Nikola "LeBron" Popović. The new member of ua NAVI shared his emotions and impressions after the practices with ua Natus Vincere, as well as the plans for the upcoming part of the season, in his interview. Enjoy the reading!

— Hi! Welcome to ua NAVI! How does it feel - to be a full-fledged player of ua Natus Vincere and not a stand-in?

— It feels amazing, but at the same time I feel I need to work more than ever, and I don’t want to disappoint the fans, the teammates, and the organization.

— Tell us, how did you get invited? Did you think a lot about this?

— There is no joke when ua NAVI is calling, I always take it seriously! :D The manager asked me if I wanted to try again but he couldn't promise anything and of course, I wanted to! I thought for around 0 seconds.

— What are your own goals and plans for the remainder of the season? What’s your mood coming into the second part of the season?

— My own goals are to be the best teammate, as a person and a player; the best team wins the tournaments and not best players. I am motivated more than ever, I finally got the chance to go big or go home!

— Does it help that you’ve already played with some members of the roster?

— Yeah, it helps a lot, I don't feel the pressure like before.

— Tell us, are you going to stay in Serbia? Or do you have plans to move closer to the current team?

— I will stay in Serbia unless the organization decides to move me in Ukraine; I don’t mind changing place if that would help the team.

— What can you say about the current team after the initial training? Do you feel comfortable playing together?

— Yeah, I feel comfortable, just need time to get synergy and our playstyle.

— Have you played with ua Lil before? Do you think he fits into the team?

— I have never played with ua Lil before. Yeah, I feel he fits, he is showing that he is a really good teammate.

— Could you briefly characterize each teammate of yours?

ua Dendi — I can say a lot about ua Dendi but I will say only so much - simply the best! ua GeneRaL —Non-stop trolling and trying to make jokes, it's funny :D ua Crystallize — A very calm guy and always willing to listen and give advice, even though he is young, you can see that he is very mature. ua Lilua Lil is the one I know the least about, but from what I see, he is a very good teammate, positive and motivated to win.

— What are your in-game duties as of right now? Are you exclusively playing support, or do you have to draft and something else?

— I am exclusively playing support, my in-game duties are to make sure my cores grow and carry me!

— Do you feel you need to work on the hero pool or change your playstyle to work well with the others, or there are no issues?

— I feel I need to work on my early laning stage. The hero pool is not a problem - I can play almost any hero on pos5.

— What’s going to be the in-game communication language? How well do you understand Russian?

— I want it to be Russian because I want the guys to give info fast and don't think about English words. I can understand 60-70% of the sentence and it's not hard to understand the meaning of a full sentence, but still, I am speaking a bit broken Russian. I don't know all the words, but I am learning some new words every day!

— The team is going on a bootcamp. What are the priority tasks?

— From my previous experience with bootcamps, I always get closer to my teammates as a friend and we become a better team. Our priority task is to find our playstyle and be ready for the upcoming tournaments.

— What can you tell in general about CIS? Who is the most formidable enemy out here?

— Everyone is a formidable enemy in CIS when you play for ua NAVI, everyone wants to beat you, but I am looking forward to facing ru!

— The team has several Majors and Minors ahead. What are the goals of the team?

— When you play for ua Natus Vincere, your goal should always be to win, so you don't talk about the goals, #borntowin

— If you want to, you can address the fans on behalf of the team and personally as well!

— I made my dream come true to join ua NAVI but that doesn’t mean I don't have other dreams. The biggest one is winning The International, I know it's the hardest thing in the world, but as long there is a chance, there is a hope! #gonavi

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