9impulse: «you have to play every game as if it was the last one in your life»

31 Jul 2020 8
9impulse — about the GLL Masters Summer final.

by Kirill "9impulse" Kostiv gave a short interview after finishing the group stage of GLL Masters Summer and named the main rivals in the finals of the tournament.

Recall that on the final day of the group stage our team took seventh place. This result allowed us to qualify for the final round of GLL Masters Summer. On August 1st, the players of Natus Vincere will fight for the prize fund of $ 37 500.

What do you think you need in order to show a stable result like in the last game on the fifth day?
byKirill «9impulse» Kostiv

To show the consistent results, you have to play every game as if it was the last one in your life, especially in terms of information and control over each other. If someone does not execute their role, it will hurt the other roles as well.

When you're on the verge of dropping out, everyone is pulling themselves together and doing everything as required. In each game, you have to put your maximum or at the very least so that you can go to bed later and not think: "I could have played better, I could have given more information". So you can avoid resentment.

Which team do you consider the most dangerous in the fight for the first place?
byKirill «9impulse» Kostiv

The most dangerous for us are — eu North, eu ad hoc gaming and eu GnaskeStrafeDel. These teams have started to play aggressively, sometimes (the whole left side of the canyon in Tier 1 lobby is filled with very aggressive teams that try to "strangle" each other).

I'd also like to mention tr Lava City Boys: they often drop down on our heads and push us for some reason. Another very unpleasant early encounter would be with eu Wygers, it usually means a loss for both teams.

Which of the two maps is more enjoyable for you to play the professional matches?
byKirill «9impulse» Kostiv

It's nicer to play Kings Canyon: the map isn't that big and there aren't many narrow passages that you can't go through if someone's holding it. Often (hello to the third map on the fifth game day of GLL Masters Summer), if you didn't guess the zone, you are facing the choice which of the three choke points you'll be pushing.

And the fact is, in order to take one of them, you need to do your utter best... Or you're lucky enough to come to as the third party and finish them off if there's a fight.

The participants

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