Putrick in Solo FNCS EU

01 Aug 2020 37
The qualifiers start at 12:00 CEST

On August 1st starts the qualifiers for the Solo FNCS online tournament. ua Natus Vincere player ru Daniil «Putrick» Abdrakhmanov takes part in matches.


The four qualification days will be held from August 1st to 9th. Each day will start at 12:00 and end after 21:00. This lengthy schedule is due to the fact that the day contains three rounds of qualifiers. 3000 players will go from first-round to second and 100 from second to third. The top 50 participants from the third round of each qualifying day will go on to the next stage of the tournament. 

Schedule for the qualifier
Day Date and Time(CEST) Match page
First-round qualifier August 2, 13:00, bo7 Watch
Second-round qualifier (semifinals) August 2, 15:00, bo7 Watch
Third-round qualifier (finals) August 2, 18:00, bo6 Watch

It is worth noting that the points scored every qualifying day will be summed up and the players can get to the semifinal stage not only due to the placement. Those players who get the most points and take the top spots of the overall leaderboard will also go to the next stage of the tournament.

Following the results of the four days, 400 players will be selected: first, they will play the semifinal matches from August 14th to 15th, and then the grand final on August 16th, which will involve only 100 players. 

The tournament's prize pool will be $5,000,000, it will be divided by regions and platforms (PC, mobile + console). We wish ru Putrick the best of luck in the upcoming battles! #navination

Points distribution

Victory Royale: 14 points
Reaching the top-2: 11 points.
Reaching the top-3: 10 points.
Reaching the 4th-5th places: 9 points.
Reaching the 6th-10th place: 8 points.
Reaching the 11th-15th places: 7 points.
Reaching the 16th-20th place: 6 points.
Reaching the 21st-25th places: 5 points.
Reaching the 26th-30th places: 4 points.
Reaching the 31-40th places: 3 points
Reaching the 41-50th places: 2 points
For reaching the 51st-75th places: 1 point.

For each kill, the players get an extra point.



The participants

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