Changes in NAVI Apex Legends roster

04 Nov 2020 4319
9impulse parts ways with Natus Vincere

Due to unsatisfactory results in recent tournaments and internal disagreements, certain changes occured in the Natus Vincere Apex Legends roster. by Kirill "9impulse" Kostiv and the club's management have decided to disperse by mutual consent. by 9impulse will continue his further career in the eu Major Pushers mix.

Thus, by Nikita "clawz" Marchinsky and ua Maksym "MaxStrafe" Stadniuk, who will become the new in-game leader, remain in the active roster of ua NAVI. de Herman "Nesh" Kobrin, who was invited to the roster for a trial term, will perform for the Born to Win during the next championships. Previously, de Nesh played for eu PENTA and eu Team Reciprocity, and in July he helped the club during ru Fyzu's illness.

by 9impulse joined ua Natus Vincere in February 2019: the roster became the silver medalist of the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational and TwitchCon San Diego together with him. The team also managed to qualify for the first Major tournament in the discipline with a prize pool of $ 500 000, which was called off due to the coronavirus pandemic.

uaMaksym "MaxStrafe" Stadniuk
NAVI Apex Legends captain

"I’d like to thank Kirill for all this time that we’ve spent together under the same tag! It has been a fairly positive experience, so it's a pity it is over now. I am sure that victories are ahead of us all, and these changes will eventually benefit everyone.

In our turn, we shall continue to work hard, each of us has new tasks due to the change of roles. Nikita will try his hand at Wraith, whilіе I am the newly made captain and IGL.

This role is not entirely new for me, for I have already been the captain of teams in other disciplines and an active double in GnaskeStrafeDel. I will try to convey my vision of the game to the team as clearly as possible in order to achieve a consistent positive result in next to no time. So guys, have faith in us, and support us at the tournaments!"

byKirill "9impulse" Kostiv
Former Natus Vincere player

"Many thanks to Natus Vincere and to the entire media department for their support throughout this long journey. Thanks to the fans for maintaining this flame in my chest.

This is a rather difficult decision, but I am sure everyone will benefit from this: there will be more strong teams in a region, and, of course, Nikita and Max will benefit especially ( love ‘em very much). Support me in Major Pushers and follow my YouTube, which I will be actively developing."

byAleksandr "SA" Kravchuk
NAVI Apex Legends manager

"I want to express my gratitude to Kirill. His contribution to the development of NAVI Apex was outstanding: the team took good places at big tournaments under his captaincy,  and those were some great times! Now, by mutual agreement, our paths diverge.

Nesh will help us in the next tournaments, as he did before. Herman is a player of Ukrainian origin, speaks excellent Russian, despite the fact that he lives in Germany. He played in Penta and Reciprocity, so he’s got quite an experience."

NAVI Apex Legends roster:

ua Maksym "MaxStrafe" Stadniuk (captain)
by Nikita "clawz" Marchinsky
de Herman "Nesh" Kobrin (standin)

by Aleksandr "SA" Kravchuk (manager)

The participants

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