IEM Beijing 2020 Europe: vs Astralis

18 Nov 2020 175
The match will start at 18:30 CET

In the quarter-final of IEM Beijing 2020 Europe, ua NAVI will face dk Astralis. The match will begin on November 19th at 18:30 CET and will be held up to two victories.

The Danes made it to the play-offs from the upper bracket: in the first round they defeated fi ENCE (16 : 11 — Dust2, 16 : 4 — Inferno), and in the match for advancing from Group B they defeated eu mousesports with a score 2 : 1. The path of the Born To Win was a little more difficult: first ua NAVI defeated dk MAD Lions (2 : 1), then lost to eu Complexity (1 : 2), and in the decisive match they took a victory over ru Team Spirit (2 : 0). dk Astralis is currently ranked 3rd in the ranking.

The last time ua Natus Vincere and dk Astralis played each other was in the Grand Final of EPL Season 12: then the Born to Win took a loss with a close score of 2 : 3. In the last three months, the Danes had the best results on Overpass (4 wins, 1 defeat) and Inferno (11 wins, 3 losses), and the worst results were on Dust2 (6 wins and 8 losses). dk Astralis prefer to ban the Mirage.

IEM Beijing 2020 Europe (BO3)
November 19, 18:30 CET
Natus Vincere
  • s1mple
  • electronic
  • Boombl4
  • flamie
  • Perfecto
  • device
  • dupreeh
  • Xyp9x
  • gla1ve
  • Magisk



The participants

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