UK Ireland Nationals: vs MnM Gaming

27 Jul 2021 51
7 : 8

In the last match of the group stage of the UK Ireland Nationals, eu NAVI Rainbow Six Siege team will face gb MnM Gaming. The format of the duel is best of 1.

The opponent team prior to the start of the championship introduced a new roster, which included several famous players. gb MnM Gaming consists of fi Fonkers, gb Yuzus, gb Tyrant, gb dats and hr neLo, who is well known to the Born to Win fans.

The results of the new gb MnM Gaming roster is for now unimpressive. They currently reside in the middle of the standings, with only three wins (one in overtime) and three losses - hardly the kind of performance the team expected.

In any case, the upcoming match won't be an easy one. Join the live stream and be sure to support the eu NAVI players! #ObsessedWe.

UK Ireland Nationals (best of 1)
July 27, 22:00 CEST
Natus Vincere
  • Blurr
  • Secretly
  • Doki
  • Nathan
  • Saves

The participants

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