NAVI joins Halo Infinite

30 Aug 2021 858
NAVI x Halo Infinite esports

Today ua NAVI esports club joins the Halo competitive scene! We are pleased to announce that we have become launch partners of Halo Infinite esports.

By the end of the year we will introduce the team that will be representing ua NAVI at all major tournaments in the discipline, including the Halo Championship Series. ua NAVI versus the world’s best squads, fighting in the fields of the legendary universe — you can't miss that!

But there's more! On December 8, with the official release of the game, the black and yellow ua NAVI skin will appear in the Halo Infinite digital store. Exploring the new world in the colors of your favorite club is twice as enjoyable!

While we all are awaiting the game release, we recommend you to subscribe to our new YouTube channel. Very soon there will be a lot of Halo content there . Check out the blog to learn more about the HCS competitive ecosystem!

The participants

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