What makes DXRacer chairs so special?

16 Apr 2018 148
What makes DXRacer chairs so special?

Everything changes so quickly in the esports world. Today we can't tell for sure who will be sitting in ua NAVI players' chairs in two years. But there are no doubts that it will be DXRacer chairs.

The DXRacer company became ua NAVI partner 3 years ago, and all this time all ua Natus Vincere players keep saying these are the best gaming chairs ever. They are designed in such a way that you can play for a really long time without getting tired. Recently, the partnership agreement between ua NAVI and DXRacer has been extended until the end of 2019.

Now it is impossible to imagine ua NAVI gaming house without DXRacer chairs. They have become an important part of all boot camps and help a lot during endless training. Over the past 3 years, DXRacer produced two exclusive chairs with ua NAVI design. The vivid yellow-black one has been on sale for a long time, whereas the new elegant black chair has only been unveiled recently.

Which one to choose – depends on your personal preferences and the interior of your room. Both models' specifications are the same:

— High backrest with exclusive cushions will support your spinal column entirely, from pelvis to neck. The unique shape of the chair helps you take care of your health.

— You can change the backrest tilt, seat and arms position. Nothing will distract you from the game.

— The aluminum base makes DXRacer chair even more durable and reliable.

— All DXRacer chairs have qualitative steel framework inside. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the frame.

By the way, many years ago DXRacer was manufacturing seats for sports cars. Recently, our CS:GO and DOTA2 managers and coaches have even taken part in DXRacer chair racing – you should definitely see this!

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