NAVI's most epic moments on Dust 2

CS:GO / Review / 21 November 2022 — 17:00

On the night of November 19, Valve released a CS:GO gameplay update and removed the legendary Dust 2 map from the tournament map pool, replacing it with Anubis. Today we want to honor one of the oldest esports locations in Сounter-Strike by recalling NAVI CS:GO highlights from that map.

Let's go back to 2020, to the time of NAVI's IEM Katowice 2020 triumph. During that tournament Dust 2 was a real "joker" for Born to Win, as our team won five times out of six (twice against Faze, Liquid, Astralis, G2). In the semifinal match Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostylev left no chance for Astralis, ending the confrontation with a rating of 2.09.

Let's also recall
ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe and the incredible performance again by Oleksandr, but this time against BIG in the group stage of the tournament. In that match, Born to Win lost 0 : 2, and in the final Dust 2, the game led to extra rounds (20 : 22). That didn't stop NAVI from finishing in first place in Group B.

Denis "
electronic" Sharipov stood out at DreamHack Masters Spring 2020. In the Group D match, the current captain of NAVI CS:GO didn't notice Team Vitality, and the result of this match allowed Born to Win to reach the playoffs.

The next nostalgic moment will be a collection of frags from s1mple in the IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 Europe Finals. Oleksandr didn't have major problems with Team Vitality on Dust 2 back then either, but unfortunately NAVI CS:GO lost that game, giving up a 2-0 comeback in bo5 final.

Worth mentioning the match at IEM Cologne 2021, the victorious tournament that highlighted NAVI's dominance on the pro scene that season. The match against G2 ended in favor of Born to Win (3:0), and the confrontation on Dust 2 was one of the important steps towards the trophy in the first LAN competition after the online era (16:11).

This year, as always, NAVI showed a steady game on Dust 2, showing the highest winning percentage of all maps with 81.2%. The most important event of the year was the successful clash with BIG in the recent IEM Rio Major (16:11), which determined the last participant of the Legends Stage.

We say goodbye to Dust 2, but look forward to more highlights from Anubis and other maps! #ObsessedWe