NAVI Junior player reached 12,000 MMR!

Dota 2 Junior / News / 4 February 2024 — 11:00

NAVI Junior offlaner Yuri "pma" Prots has reached 12,000 MMR in Dota 2! Congratulations on this great achievement!

Over the past week, pma has been using Meepo, Dragon Knight, Windranger, and Void Spirit in matchmaking. Notably, each of these heroes has a win rate of 50% or higher in the hands of a NAVI offlaner.

Recall that NAVI Junior players do very well in ranked matches. This means that three members of our team are currently ranked in the top 100.

Congratulations pma! We are sure that the NAVI Junior player will not stop at this result and will be able to climb even higher in the rankings!