ESL Impact League S2: vs. BIG EQUIPA

CS2 Female / Coverage / 13 October 2022 — 12:00

NAVI Javelins will once again go up against BIG EQUIPA in the group stage of the ESL Impact League Season 2: European Division. The match starts at 19:30.

Earlier in the tournament, our team has already played against BIG EQUIPA and won with a score of 2 : 0 (16 : 9 Dust 2, 16 : 10 Vertigo).

At this point in the tournament, the Javelins remain undefeated, leading Group B with a score of 5–0 and securing a place in the playoffs.

Come support NAVI Javelins. You can watch the English broadcast on the ESL Twitchchannel. #ObsessedWe

ESL Impact League Season 2: European Division
CS2 Female
8 September 2022 - 24 October 2022