GWB 2023: Final vs NIP Impact

CS2 Female / Coverage / 29 April 2023 — 15:39

The Javelins have reached the finals of yet another tournament. The Gamers Without Borders 2023 charity event will finish with a bo5 meeting against NIP Impact, which is scheduled to start today at 17:00.

Our team is considered the favorite of the tournament, which is why it was seeded right into the semifinal stage. The team played their opening match against 9 Pandas Fearless. The confrontation ended with the victory of our team (16 : 6 Mirage, 16 : 12 Ancient).

The Ninja have already won two matches so far. In the quarterfinals they easily defeated pretty strong opponent BIG Equipa, and yesterday they crushed the undisputed favorite Nigma Galaxy Fe (19 : 15 Mirage, 16 : 3 Overpass).

As a reminder, the tournament prize pool of $ 2,500,000 will be donated to Direct Relief, International Medical Corps, UNICEF, UNHCR and KSrelief based on each team's choice. The six invited teams will each receive $ 10,000 for participating in the event.

Support NAVI in the finals! #ObsessedWe

Gamers Without Borders 2023 Female
CS2 Female
27 April 2023 - 29 April 2023