Leon Pesić
Country, city:hrCroatia, Kastav
Date of birth:19.10.1996 (25 years)
Game experience:2018 (3 years)
For 9 years, Leon has been playing basketball, which gave him a clear understanding of the way a team should function. Like many, he started playing Counter-Strike, tried various competitive games, such as Overwatch and League of Legends, and reached high ratings there. During the Six Invitational 2017, one of his friends suggested trying R6, as it was free on Steam for the weekend. The next day, the game was purchased and took a special place in his library. After leaving school, he entered the university, but after the third year, he decided to quit his studies so that he would spend all his free time on Rainbow Six approaching his cherished dream - becoming a professional player. The choice of this game was not random. According to him, the shooter is constantly changing and evolving, which makes each match unique and never fails to attract.


neLo recommends

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