Luke Kendrew
Country, city:gbUnited Kingdom, Leeds
Date of birth:27.03.1999 (22 years)
Game experience:2017 (4 years)
Before esports, he was involved in rugby. Passion for video games began with the console and evening gatherings with friends; he soon switched to PC, where he plunged into the world of DayZ. Online friends introduced Luke to Rainbow Six Siege. He played the new game without stopping, with each season he became better and better, but the top rank was just out of reach. It was depressing, the player decided to take a break and devoted an entire season to Overwatch, but the love of R6 did not fade. Kendrew returned to the game and immediately reached the Diamond rank. He began to try his hand at amateur and semi-professional tournaments. As soon as he came of age, he got a chance to play in the first Challenger team. Since then, his career has only gone up.


Kendrew recommends

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