Akbar Butaev
Country, city:ruRussia, Perm
Date of birth:16.05.1997 (23 years)
Game experience:2014 (6 years)
A born leader and a first-class support – this is how one would describe SoNNeikO. Despite his young age, Akbar is incredibly experienced, and his talent is recognized not only in the CIS, but far beyond. Aside from that, SoNNeikO has achieved something only a few players can boast: he managed to climb to the top of the leaderboards only using support heroes. SoNNeikO’s signature heroes are Winter Wyvern and Io: Akbar has significantly risen the plank of skill for those heroes.


SoNNeikO recommends

  • Monster charges with energy
    Daily training sessions and games take a lot of energy. And when the inner resources are about to end - it's time for Monster! A few sips of Monster Energy drink and I'm back to business and ready to win!
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