Kari Parviainen
Country, city:fiFinland, Kuopio
Date of birth:20.05.1998 (22 years)
Role:Damage / Flank
Game experience:2017 (3 years)
Kari started playing Paladins in the late 2016. He joined his first team in February 2017 and the current team in April 2017. He didn't have any experience in competitive gaming before Paladins. According to Kari, his play style is aggressive and he likes to abuse mobility and sneak around. Mutu is known for his flickshots and precise aim.


Mutu recommends

  • Monster charges with energy
    Daily training sessions and games take a lot of energy. And when the inner resources are about to end - it's time for Monster! A few sips of Monster Energy drink and I'm back to business and ready to win!
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