Teemu Tenhunen
Country, city:fiFinland, Vantaa
Date of birth:24.12.1989 (30 years)
Role:Support / Flex
Game experience:2017 (3 years)
Teemu hasn’t played any games at esports level before Paladins. He plays some of the most aggressive supports and it’s what makes his playstyle semi-unique. Spunkki started playing Paladins when his friend from Smite got an invite and said it was cool game. He suggested that Teemu should try it. According to our player, after a few days he had to buy Founder’s Pack and got hooked right into it. The rest is the history…


spunkki recommends

  • Monster charges with energy
    Daily training sessions and games take a lot of energy. And when the inner resources are about to end - it's time for Monster! A few sips of Monster Energy drink and I'm back to business and ready to win!
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