Danylo Teslenko
Country, city:uaUkraine, Kharkiv
Date of birth:08.10.1987 (34 years)
Game experience:2002 (19 years)
Danylo started playing Counter-Strike in 2002 at the age of 15. In 2004, fate linked him to the first professional team — pro100, where he met Edward. In 2009, talented players joined the Arbalet.UA team, which later changed its name to Natus Vincere. In 2010, Zeus reached unimaginable heights and became a world champion three times. Thanks to his personal qualities and charisma, he is always able to inspire the team in a critical situation. Danil is considered one of the best captains in CS:GO: he has already achieved a victory at a Major and doesn't think to stop there!


Zeus recommends

  • Bets: GG.BET
    If you see yourself as a true gaming fan, you follow all the matches, remember the legendary moments and can estimate how the events will develop further, visit GG.BET page. The platform contains a unique line for esports, find your game and place a bet.
  • Monster charges with energy
    Daily training sessions and games take a lot of energy. And when the inner resources are about to end - it's time for Monster! A few sips of Monster Energy drink and I'm back to business and ready to win!
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